I love to write. It’s true, I LOVE it like a fat kid loves cake. I also travel, google, read and think (waaaaay too much).

I write about, well, actually I’m starting to learn I don’t have much say in the matter. I write whatever wants to be written…


Self (understanding/development)
for posts regarding understanding and developing the hardest thing in the world… your-self (typically I use my-self as an example – it’s a poor example, but it’s the best I’ve got)

Happiness posts
for things (tips, tricks, information, positive psychology developments) related to improving overall well-being/living a happier life

Stories & Poems (I think?)
for a look at an aspiring (read as: wannabe) fiction writer’s attempts at making shit up, some actual-real-life stories, and a clueless poet’s attempts to write poetry (I think? I don’t really know what a poem is/isn’t)

for travel posts, random crap (book reviews, youtube stuff, thought-tangents, whatever), and posts about my life (zzzzz)


This is the space I share it… some of it. I’m currently working a 10-20% conversion rate (calculated as: words published / words written). I’d like to get this percentage a little closer to my [read as: ‘an NBA players’] three point shooting percentage (somewhere in the 35-45% range).

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That’s me in the picture… well, a reflection of me…

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”
– Soren Kierkegaard

…and a butt load of sea anemones.

This is the actual me.