Simon Sinek: Motivational youtube binge

Binge watched a bunch of speeches by Simon Sinek tonight. His energy is addictive. Highly recommend his talks on youtube. Here are the ones I watched:

Nobody wins

Discussion regarding leadership and what qualities are present in good leaders; discussion on the game of business, and the fact that many companies don’t even know what game they’re playing, and therefore do not succeed.

On Millennials

Discussion regarding the problems millennials are encountering in the workforce; the reasons behind these problems; and potential actions required.

What it means to lead

A speech containing a handful of anecdotes that all have powerful points behind them; the last anecdote is particularly good.

Something I wrote down after watching his speeches:

“People are products of their environment – this is the case in life and in business. A toxic environment/culture will breed toxic behaviours. Not toxic people.”

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