Deep in the fog

One of the major difficulties inherent in life is the friction between the requirement for it to be lived forwards and the lack of information available to guide us.

I like to think of life as a mountain. You can prepare your tools to help you on your way, but you ultimately can’t see the terrain ahead you must navigate. Once you’re up there in the thick of it, you’ve just got to deal with the shit yourself. Tools or no tools.

We climb through fog, up, up and up, until we stumble upon a clearing. It’s at this clearing we turn to see how far we’ve come. The fog behind us has miraculously cleared, and we’re able to marvel at the glorious view afforded by the heights we’ve climbed.

We may wish to marvel at the view for eternity. However, deep down we know this to be unwise. It would cause us to rot. And so, we turn to see what’s ahead. Only to be faced with yet more fog. Fuck’s sake!

A strong temptation exists to stay rooted to the clearing, admiring the view. When given the choice between an exquisite view or a journey into the foggy unknown, the view strikes particular appeal.

It begs the question: why climb at all?


For the views!

Deep in the fog right now is where I find myself. Deep Deep. I know a clearing is ahead somewhere. I can’t see it, but I know it will reveal itself to me in time.

2 thoughts on “Deep in the fog”

  1. I really like that metaphor. I always liked foggy days because they were exciting. The older I got the less exciting and more frustrating or nervewracking they became. Maybe we need to try to get back to the point where we found the unknown or the familiar made unfamiliar exciting! Great post.

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