Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

I gave away my soul. All of it. Everything I had. I opened my heart and gave another my world.

And do you know what she said?

“is that it?”

Such a simple question capable of cutting such a gaping wound.

It tears at the very fibre which makes one human, and forces the question,

“Am I enough?”

The work involved in healing a wound of this magnitude… words do the labour no justice.

From hard work I do not shy. So, work I have. Day after day. Moment after moment. Until my heart once again felt warm as the sun, and my spirit rich as chocolate mousse.

This time, I keep guard. A watchful eye. I walk with a shield. An unfortunate thing, cumbersome to lug.

Lucky I possess wisdom: to know when it is needed, and to know when it is not.

I’ve peered into the depths, the fibre that holds together my being. I’ve seen what I am. I also see it in you, because we are the same.

I learnt I am enough.

And yes, that is it.



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