The Universe trying to tell me something…

A short story here about my last couple of days in which I’ve interpreted strange co-incidences as the Universe trying to tell me something…

*Photo Cred: Vinnie Carter*

The Universe trying to tell me something…

  • Two days ago

I’m having lunch with my Dad at a coffee shop and in walks a dude I’ve been meaning to email for the past week or so, but have been putting off for whatever reason. The guy just strolls right through the door and goes to the counter to order something to eat.

As he’s about to walk out I call his name, and mention to him I’ve been meaning to email him for quite a while now and that I’ll send an email to him.

He leaves.

Dad and I continue our lunch and coffee, and he begins to tell me a story about how he’s been tasked with picking up a lathe (a metal-turning machine) for a friend who’s bought one on trademe and that he needs a forklift to get it done. He goes into how he’s approached this task and that he’s roped in an old friend of his who can drive a forklift. I tell him I had a spin on one the other day at work (I work for a company that unloads ship containers). He tells me if the opportunity arises, I’d might as well get my forklift license, because… why not!

  • Yesterday

The next day at work, I’m unloading a container of steel with the owner of the business and another guy who’s driving the forklift. While the other guy is off driving the forklift outside, my boss and I are standing in the container and he turns to me,

“Have you ever driven a forklift?” he asks

“Yes… once. But I was terrible at it.” I say

“Are you interested in getting your license?” he asks

I’m a little shocked at how co-incidental it all seems. Bumping into the guy at the coffee shop I’ve been meaning to email, and now my boss asking me if I want to get my forklift license literally the very day after I’d talked about this very thing…

So, at this point you may be thinking… this story is fucking hella boring dude, where are the girls, guns, drugs and all that. Well… sorry there won’t be any of that, but there will be some gambling soon, just hold your horses.

So, I finish up work unloading the ship container and make my way home. My flatmate is home and I can’t resist the urge to tell them about my last couple days and how co-incidental it all seems. I can’t help but blurt out “you know what, I think the Universe is trying to tell me something”.

They don’t really have anything to say about that because why would they… they ain’t me, my Universe looks a whole lot different to theirs.

At around 5pm I make my way into the city to begin working my other job playing poker. I sit down and within two hours I’ve managed to lose these three hands for quite substantial amounts of money:

You may know nothing about poker, but all you really need to know is the probability of me winning each hand was 90% (give or take). And I lost them all due to a poor turn of the deck. The odds of losing all three of these hands is circa 0.1% (or one in one thousand).

I go to the cashier line to reload some more chips because I’ve played poker for long enough now that I know when I’m playing badly verses when I’m getting unlucky. And this was definitely a case of some fairly poor luck. I still felt confident in my ability to play at a high level. The cashier hands the chips across the counter, looks at me as he does, and says “I don’t think the Universe is on your side man”.

I laughed, “you know what, I think you might be right”

I just wanted to share this story to say: Don’t worry Universe, message received.

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