Does practice make perfect? F*ck No!

“Practice makes perfect”


“Practice makes slightly better”

That’s more like it!

If we wanted to get really technical, we’d say “practice makes slightly better than before”.

This is a motto I’m coming to live life by because contrary to popular belief, practice does not make perfect. It makes slightly better than before.

Perfection is impossible.

The pursuit of such a thing will cause you only one thing, and abundantly so: suffering!


Practice isn’t.

If you want to get not-as-shit-as-you-were-before at something, it won’t happen by wishing it to happen. It will happen by doing the thing. Over and over again. Failing. Getting up. Failing again. Sucking. Failing again. Sucking some more. Embarrassing yourself. Falling on your face. All that shit.

It ain’t fun sometimes.

But, practice makes slightly better.

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