About moi

Hi, I’m Mark.


I started this blog in 2015. Back then I was a living-list-ticker: get degree, find job, find partner, buy house, make babies, live happily ever after. Conventional wisdom sold me a dream, and I chased it with reckless abandon… until I almost got it (minus the babies and house part – seriously what Millenial out there can afford such a costly combo?). There was no fairy tale ending. No happily ever after at the end of the yellow brick road. I was straight up miserable, so I blew it all up (my life as I’d built it) because I’m a fuckwit who got his hands on some dynamite. 

Since then life taken me to some amazing places, the USA, UK, Ukraine, and blah blah blah, Narcissism, Me, Me, Me, blah, who gives a fudge-popsicle…

More importantly, it’s taken me on a journey toward internal clarity. I say ‘toward’ because I think it’s impossible to ever hit the nail on the head – whenever I figure something out, give or take fifteen thousand other things pop up and say “what about us though aye Chief?”…. fuck!!

This journey has irrevocably changed my focus. Instead of putting ticks on lists, I’m interested in finding out what makes me tick. Turns out WRITING makes this list.

Sometimes I write things that may or may not be poems….

Sometimes I write about dicks…

Sometimes I write very short stories…

Sometimes I write nonsense….

And every now and then I write something worthwhile.



If you’d like to contact me for any reason (feedback, questions, whatever), please feel free to do so at mark.harrison53@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.